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Wagoner is governed as a statutory aldermanic form of govenment.
Its governing board is a council made up of eight members, two from each of the city's four wards, who are elected city-wide. Half of the council seats come up for election in the odd-numbered years. Council members receive no pay, but are eligible for health insurance under the city's plan. The council is the policy making and budget making body for all city branches of government: Fire, police, ambulance, parks, cemetery, streets, library, Civic Center and Community Building.

The city council members are also the trustees for the Wagoner Public Works Authority - the entity that controls electric, water and wastewater dsitribution. The city shop and inventory control also come under the WPWA.

Council meetings are conducted by a mayor who serves a four-year term and is paid a part-time salary. The mayor also has other duties, including representing the city and WPWA at official functions. He serves as chairman of the WPWA and represents the city at Wagoner Industrial Development Authority meetings and function.

In addition to electing a mayor and council, citizens also elect the city clerk, city treasurer and chief of police every four years. The clerk and police chief receive full-time salaries. The treasurer's job is part-time.



The city council and Wagoner Public Works Authority hold regular meetings the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

For a complete list of regular meetings and agendas, see the Agenda link.

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